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History and Places

Dalan Styled Temples

Dalan Styled Temples Wood or iron-made frameworks are useful to support the flat roof type Dalan Styled Temples. The major difference between Moth & Dalan lies in their roof. Dalan poses a flat roof, while the roof of Moth exhibits a cone shape which ends at a point. The room of the Moth is generally…

History and Places

Moth Styled Temples

Moth Styled Temples Moth styled temples are advantageous for a construction of a tall structure within limited space and no special treatment is required to support the load of roof. Dhaka city is an important city of undivided Bengal. It is older than Kolkata; it got recognition as capital city in 1612 AD. This city,…

History and Places

Visit to Puran (Old) Dhaka

General about Puran Dhaka Puran Dhaka has a glorious history of 400 years of being capital city. Those who are interested in visiting Puran Dhaka to explore the gems of it, Narinda-Wari can be a good representative area for that. You can first reach Sayedabad Bus Stand from any district and then move by the…

History and Places

Uttara Sarbojonin Temple

General Description Uttara Sarbojonin (Universal ) Temple is a holy place. It is established in 2 March 2023. The place, is in the center of the capital city of Bangladesh, Uttara, Sector 17, Dhaka. Since its establishment, the temple area makes¬† significant changes for its enhancement. It will not take more than one hour from…

History and Places

Central Temple, Mirpur

General Information of the Central Temple Central Temple, Mirpur is one of the important places in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is the holy place for the Hindu religion. Central Temple lies in the north city corporation of Dhaka. After reaching Gabtoli, a famous bus terminal in the city, it will take about 20…

Science and Research

Bend Oscillation

Bend Oscillation of the Padma River The Padma River is a very dynamic river and it has meandering bend. The bend development and bend oscillation is prominent in this river. However, it is essential to assess the type of the channel whether it is stable or actively meandering channel.¬† Besides, time-series satellite images analysis would…