Central Temple, Mirpur

General Information of the Central Temple

Central Temple, Mirpur is one of the important places in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is the holy place for the Hindu religion. Central Temple lies in the north city corporation of Dhaka. After reaching Gabtoli, a famous bus terminal in the city, it will take about 20 to 30 minutes to go to the temple. The distance is about 3.3 km. You can go both by bus and rickshaw or any other mode of transport like CNG, motorcycles, etc. Most importantly, the temple is established in the year of 2009. It is not the special holy place like Gaya.

Main Gate
Main Gate of the Temple

Inside the Central Temple

There are different temples of gods or goddesses. Such as Radha Krishna, Durga Ma, Shib, Kali Mondir, and the place of Loknath Brahmachari as well. Moreover, there is an open place in front of the temples where people can seat on the floor and pray. Then, crossing the main gate on the right side, you will find an office room from where everyone can get information about the Central Temple. Just beside this room, a shop is available where anyone can buy necessary items for Puja and related Prasad.

Hare Krishna
Joy Bhola Nath
Ma Kali
Loknath Brahmachari
Durga Ma

Additionally, for carrying out an event during different puja festivals, a stage is always ready to perform all necessary arrangements including a cultural program. Furthermore, some screens or boards are visible for providing the schedule of different programs. In addition to that, the temple is well equipped with adequate lights and fans which is essential during the summer season. Everyone can pray by flamming candle lights and joss-stick in a place that is also another separate section inside the temple. In front of the gate of the temple, many flower trees exist that are in use for Puja every day.

Stage for arranging event
Shop for buying
Shop for purchasing items for Puja
Flamming place
Place of Candle Lights and Joss-stick

Boards for posting schedule of programs and news

Fans and lights
Fans and Lights inside the temple

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