Uttara Sarbojonin Temple

General Description

Uttara Sarbojonin (Universal ) Temple is a holy place. It is established in 2 March 2023. The place, is in the center of the capital city of Bangladesh, Uttara, Sector 17, Dhaka. Since its establishment, the temple area makes  significant changes for its enhancement. It will not take more than one hour from the entry of Dhaka at Gabtoli by CNG motor vehicle. But one can go by bus from Gabtoli to Mirpur-10. Then, metro rail service is available where it may take 8 minutes to go there. To do so, you have to drop Uttara South metro station which is very near to the temple. There is a big bill board in front of the temple.

Bill Board in front of Uttara Temple
Bill Board of Temple

Inside Uttara Temple

When you will enter inside the Uttara Temple, you will find astonishing to see the big ground. People assemble inside the ground during any big event like Durga Puja, Kali Puja or any event. There is an office at the left corner of the temple where anyone can get message or information about the temple and Puja. At the top of the building, the priest resides and there are more rooms to stay there even at night. Washroom is available at the bottom floor of the building. While at the right corner of the temple, you will find a shop from which you can purchase any stationary and food items for puja. There is also earthen items for Puja as well. A Place for enlightening the area by firing of Mombati and Dhupkathi also there.

Big Ground inside Uttara Temple
Big Ground
Shop inside Uttara Temple
Shop inside the temple
Office Building inside Uttara Temple
Office Building
Radha Krishna Temple
Office Building inside Uttara Temple
Office Building
Place for enlighten Mombati inside Uttara Temple
Place for enlighten Mombati

Temples inside Uttara Temple

There are three temples for lord Shiva and Radha Krishna. Two for Shiva (both right and left side of Krishna temple). In addition to that, Shiva temple construction is going on that locates left side of the Krishna Temple. Moreover, inside the Radha-Krishna temple it is written as Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare. People Chant these peaceful words for their peace and family as well. Priest perform puja everyday and every Saturday Soni Puja as well. Additionally, People do Kirton in every evening of Friday. Annually two days in February people from different regions of country gathered there to chant Hare Krishna. 

Radha Krishna Temple inside Uttara Temple
Radha Krishna Temple
Shiv Temple inside Uttara Temple
Shiv Temple

Other Things

There are different kinds of trees inside and surrounding the temple like Neem, mango, banana, banyan trees, etc. At the left corner align to the main gate, there is a place where people cook food which is delivered to the people as Prasad after Puja. Tulshi tree also exist there beside right side of the shop. This region is the zone ofthe helicopter flying area. So, you can may experience with helicopter often if you stay there for long time. It is very near to the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport.

Neem Tree of Uttara Temple
Neem Tree
Tulshi Tree of Uttara Temple
Tulshi Tree
Helicopter flying
Room for Cooking inside of Uttara Temple
Banyan Tree

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