Leafs of Neem

The Neem Tree (নিম পাতা)

Leafs of Neem
Green Leafs, Green Environment

The Neem tree is an herbal plant. The scientific name is “Azadirachta indica” which can live for many years. Its knur, leafs and the juice of leafs are useful. Tree is big in size and it can be as high in the range of 40 to 50 feet. Moreover, the diameter of its log can be 25-30 inch dia. Nearly 12-14 inch compound leafs remains surrounding the knur. Leafs which are bending with 10 to 17 edge in each. Leaf is 2-3 inch long that assists to make attractive things as well. The boiled water with leafs is good for skin of the body during bath.

Nice view
Tree with leafs and big log (The Photo is taken by Mr. Somnath)

In addition, the tree has special fruit but it is bitter in taste. It has one seed inside and looks like grapes. It is available all over in India and Bangladesh and it takes ten years to its maturity. Also, it grows very well in the warm weather and under 102 degree Fahrenheit.

Neem_Oxygen Provider
Lively Neem Tree (The Photo is taken by Mr. Somnath)
Tree at its best
Big Neem Tree

The Neem tree uses as fuel for cooking and the wood of tree is good for making the furniture. Additionally, the wood is very hard and even insect can not hard it. As a result, World Health Organization has declared this tree as the “Tree of the 21st Century” considering the use and usefulness of the tree.

Usefulness of the Neem Tree

Certainly, the Neem tree uses as anti-allergy medicine. The juice of leaf is helpful to get rid of worm in the body helps to gain more blood flow like Thankuni Pata. Besides, it helps the face of a human body to protect skin in the sun. Boiled water by mixing with leafs is good for teeth.  In addition to that, the juice of leafs is also good for hair as it kill insects inside. Above all, it helps to reduce weight and to clean toxin from the blood.

Nice arrangement of the Neem Tree
Leafs and Knur (The Photo is taken by Mr. Somnath)

The Neem tree assists to give reliefs in clod related problem. Works well during fever, pain in joint of bone and also when insects bite like Tulsipata. It helps the body to keep well in different virus related diseases. It helps to remove pimples from the face. Also nice for drinks by mixing with water and helps in digesting.

Nice Shaped log
Log of Neem

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