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Basok Pata (বাসক পাতা)

Small Tree
Cough Protector Tree

Basok Pata (বাসক পাতা) is an herbal medicine plant. The scientific name is “Justicia adhatoda”. It is very common in Indian subcontinents and widely found in India and Bangladesh as well as some regions in African continent as well. It can grow well in the flat land. Tree is bigger than Tulsipata and it can be as high as to 15-20 feet long.

Green in nature
Nature at its best
Herbal Medicine

Basok Pata or tree is called as green tree. It has leafs which is not big in size. Leaf can be one feet in maximum. Mainly leaf, and juice leaf are good for the health. It is also good for belly like Thankuni Pata. Flower is white in color.

Benefits of Basok Pata

Basok Pata is a medicine plant. It often takes to protect from fever, pain and cough problem. Juice of leaf plays key role in keeping the body active. Leafs could be used to give relief tongue in very short time. Moreover, Pata increases blood flow in the body and eases breathing. In addition to that, good for skin of the face. For instance, it uses to disinfect of water. Green leafs is used as food.

Basok Tree
Long Basok Tree

Besides, it also removes pimples from face even during sunlight. Useful for liver and kidney. Homeo Doctor like this tree as it is used to make different medicine that works naturally. Helps to reduce pain in the joint of bone. Cleans the blood and control the blood pressure. Basok tree assists to provide relief during jaundice. Boiling water with leafs removes the bad smell of the body by use of it while bathing.  The juice of leafs is as good as for hair in the head. For example, this kills the insects in the hair and keeps OK. As a result, mind become fresh. The benefits of it is indefinite. So, very difficult to explain all.

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