Tree of Thankuni Pata is essential for helath

Thankuni Pata (থানকুনি)

Use of herbal medicine is less known due to use of allopathy. But herbal plants have little side effect. Thankuni Pata is a natural medicine. Scientific name is “Centella asiatica”. It was widely used in the 17th century as medicine in Asia, Africa, Sumatra and other places in the globe. It is mostly found in India and Bangladesh now. The tree of Thankuni Pata is very small in size while the shape of its leafs is circular in many ridges. Tree is very rare in the city. On the other hand, rural people have access within their reach. Usually, its display is common during rainy season. It is very helpful for fever, liver, stomach, blood like Tulsipata. This has a large number of benefits.

Benefits of Thankuni Pata

Aids in gaining brain capacity and gives extra energy to the brain. The juice of leafs helps to gain more blood flow which is fine for the body. Leafs offers best instant relief in hurt places. Good for belly as well as diarrhea.

Human body is burnable in some times and best use of it eases the pressure. Works very well during fever, pain in joint of bone, tiring, drowsiness. Contains Asiaticoside element that is vital for stomach. It is key in abating mental stress. Stays liver clean.

Clears toxin from the inner part of the cell and manages the weight. Keeps blood pressure in control with quiet sleep at night. Uses as food item by cooking with oil, onions, chili & salt with nice flavor and taste. Effective for face as it rises saponins to the mouth.

Also nice for drinks by mixing with water and helps in digesting. Pleasant for easing gastric. Powder of leafs in mixture with milk allows strength in daily life which also ensure female sterility.


Excess of anything is not great for human and may create body aches, allergy in skin. Not recommended to take few days before any surgery.

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