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Tulsipata (তুলশিপাতা), Natural Medicine

Tulsipata/Tulsi tree is a medicinal plant like Thankuni Pata. Its scientific name is “Ocimum Sanctum” while the English name is Basil Plants. It is widely available all round the year in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. Tree mainly is smaller than to big tree like Mango. It generally having height of 2-3 feet high. Hindu takes it as Holy Tree as Tulsi Goddess. They uses it often in Puja as the blessings of God. Mainly leaf, seeds and juice leaf of Tulsi tree are good for the body. Now, people take less herbal that is not good for the body. Each people should use nature based herb.

Usefulness of Tulsipata

  • Tulsipata is a natural medicine, often takes for fever and cold issue.
  • Mixing juice of leaf with honey works very well when it takes in each morning.
  • Vital for solving the cough and relieves tongue in very short time.
  • Diabetics patients need to take each day as it reduces the sugar in the blood.
  • It cleans blood and increases blood flow in the body and eases breathing.
  • This contains Vitamin-C. As a result, it is very caring for heart.
  • Good for skin for face. It also removes pimples as well as preaches face even during sunlight.
  • Only plants provides oxygen even at night.
  • Helps to kill worms in the body.
  • Useful for liver and kidney.
  • Releases the mental stress and increases the power of eye. It also works to reduce Glaucoma.
  • Gives flavors when mixed with tea.
  • Tulsipata is used to prepare Syrup which give relief when people are caught by cold.
  • Helps to increase hormone in the body.
  • Controls blood pressure in the body.

Tulsipata is one of the most herbal tree in the world. It only has positive impact to the body. Some data contains from link. In addition to that, it includes this source.

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