Pathorkuchi Pata (পাথরকুচি পাতা)

Rain makes it beautiful

Pathorkuchi Pata is a herbal tree and its botanical name is “Kalanchoe pinnata“. It could be seen in India and Bangladesh. But, Pathorkuchi tree is not available now as it was past. The tree is not big like Basok Pata and it can be 2-3 feet long.

Pathorkuchi has nice shaped leaves. The leaves are thick and elliptical having lots of edges. So, new plants grow from these edges.

Moreover, Pathorkuchi Pata can grow inside the book. It is not a tree which can last under cold weather. As a result, the tree can see in tropical region most. Above all, the Pathorkuchi Pata has all positive benefits like other herbal plants such as, Thankuni, Tulsipata

Pathorkuchi Pata Growing
Pathorkuchi Tree

Aesthetic view of the Pathorkuchi Pata

Pathorkuchi tree loves water as it favors the formation of the tree to grow at its highest maturity. The leaves look more green and fresh after rain. Then, the picture of that tree could win in the photo contest in the world. Flowers of the tree also attracts people to get the best of it.

Green Environment
Green Tree Green Environment
Pathorkuchi Tree
Pathorkuchi Tree after rain

Usefulness of Pathorkuchi Pata

  • The Juice of leaves works well for kidney stones and piles. Therefore, doctors suggests it;
  • Gives relief from headache. However, too much is not good;
  • Controls the blood pressure and helps to run the body;
  • Keep the body free from urinary problem;
  • Reduces the heat and therefore, assists the body to run naturally;
  • Good for abdomen and stomach;
  • Juice of leafs acts as an catalyst to stop bleeding;
  • a natural medicine, takes for fever and belly issue.
  • Mixing of juice of leaf with honey works very well when takes every morning.
  • Helps Diabetics patients also as it reduces the sugar in the blood.
  • Good for skin in the body.
  • Removes spots from the face.
Water Droplets on Pathorkuchi Pata
Water Droplets on Leaves

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