The Pasur River

The Pasur is one of the lively river in S-W region of Bangladesh. It is located in Khulna and Bagerhat District. Mainly, the river is the d/s end of the Gorai R and gets fluvial flow from the u/s through Gorai. The length of the river is 104 km. Its width rises from u/s to d/s with a mean value of 1100 m. It is a tidal river and tides plays active part in keeping the dynamic of the river as well as the aquatic life lies in water. Besides, the river is linked with the water system of the whole country.

Connectivity of the Pasur River

Moreover, the Shibsa joins with the Pasur R. Other nearby key rivers are Mongla, Shela, etc. The water is present all round the year. In addition to that, the largest Mongla Sea Port lies along the left bank of the river. Mongla Port takes care for keeping the draft of the river by dredging. Mongla Port handles all the goods and equipment, arrives at jetty.


Furthermore, the Pasur R plays a vital role in the growth of the economy of the country by carrying vessels, cargo and goods. Also, the majority portion of the Pasur R travels through the forest Sundarbans and maintains the ecosystem of the forest. Further, trees, wildlife, flora, fauna and fish hugely depends on the Pasur R. People lead their life by catching fish mostly prawn from this river as well. At the same time, they sell them in the local market.

Other important locations lies beside the river are Rampal Power Plant, Mongla Food Silo, Harbaria, Akram Point and Hiron Point. The river should keep alive for the well being of the citizen of the country. It is a blessing of God.

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